Built To Fly Like Rockets (2013) Currently OOP
A Love Cycle (2010) Currently OOP
Winning Cause (2009) Currently OOP
The Be Traditional E.P. (2008) Currently OOP
On Burgin Hill (2005)
The Approximation E.P. (2005)
More Seas Than Before (2001)
Never Your Fable Caster (1998)

Solo Releases

Adam Trumbo - Modern Communication (2022)
Adam Trumbo - The Deck Was Stacked (2019)
Adam Trumbo - Card Shuffling (2018)
Adam Trumbo - Ten Years of Wonder (2016)
Brad Gordon - The Loaded Dream (2015)

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Other Featured Releases

Low Grade Mortals - Low Grade Mortals (2018)

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